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CodeRefinery is always looking for both people and institutions that can promote the FAIRness of software managemeng and development practice. There are many ways that you can get involved.

Become a workshop helper

Have you already participated in a Carpentry or CodeRefinery workshop, but would like to attend another one to refresh your memory and share your own knowledge? Or do you already have a solid background in research software engineering and would like to meet like-minded people in a friendly environment? Join a Carpentry or CodeRefinery workshop as a helper! Get in touch and let us know which workshop you would like to join. For more information about what a helper is supposed to do, please refer Helper’s guide

Become a CodeRefinery workshop instructor

You are welcome to self-organize a CodeRefinery workshop or join as an instructor in a workshop organized by others. Please watch out recruitment of instructors in #workshop stream of CodeRefinery Zulip chat.

Although at the moment there is no strict requirements to become a CodeRefinery instructor, we strongly encourage you to attend either a 2-day Carpentry instructor training event, CR instructor training, or (even better), both. Please get in touch if this sounds interesting.

For more information about organizing a workshop, please refer to CodeRefinery workshop administration guide.

Become a Carpentries workshop instructor

If you would like to become an instructor for Carpentries, you should begin by participating in a 2-day Carpentry instructor training event. NeIC reserves 15 seats per year for Carpentries instructor training. Please get in touch for more information if this sounds interesting.

After taking the instructor training, you are welcome to self-organize a Carpentries workshop or join a workshop as an instructor when instructors are recruited via #workshop stream of CodeRefinery Zulip chat.

Contribute to teaching material

All our lessons are on GitHub. Contributions to the lesson material are highly welcome! The best way to contribute is via the forking-pull request workflow. See our lesson on collaborative version control for an overview of how this works. You can also contact us via other channels.

Reuse our material

We very much encourage reusing our lessons and contributing changes:

All CodeRefinery training material is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Except where otherwise noted, the example programs and other software provided by CodeRefinery are made available under the OSI-approved MIT license.

Become an institutional partner as a training hub

Coderefinery started as a sponsored and funded project, but we are encouraging more partnerships to stay sustainable long-term. In general, we image a reciprocal relationship for academic institutions: you help us run workshops, we give workshops at your institution.

Please take a look at training hubs page for more information.

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We use Zulip to discuss within our team and community. We discuss in the open and you can join us on you can listen in, follow certain threads, participate, and influence.

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To ask questions about workshops or services or to report issues:


If you like what we do, please reach out: @coderefine


CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


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