Mixed Arts with CodeRefinery & Software Carpentry

March 5 2019, University of Copenhagen

Location: University of Copenhagen’s South Campus room 27.3.23

Course goals

The workshop combines insights and teachings from CodeRefinery and Software Carpentry in order to raise awareness of both initiatives. We tailor the workshop to specific needs of the humanities. Researchers, students, educators, and librarians will all find the workshop relevant to their specific interests. The workshop focuses on hands-on experience and will cover basic concepts and tools, including program design, version control, and task automation. The core lessons of the workshop are the Software Carpentry’ Programming with Python and CodeRefinery’s Introduction to Version Control with Git.

Software Requirements:

Before attending the workshop, please make sure that you go through the following installation and configuration instructions.


Time Episode
08:00 Optional Setup
09:00 Analyzing Tabular Data
09:30 Repeating Actions with Loops
10:00 Storing Multiple Values in Lists
10:30 Analyzing Data from Multiple Files
10:50 Making Choices
11:20 Creating Functions
11:50 Errors and Exceptions
12:20 Break
13:00 Automated Version Control
13:05 Git Basics
14:05 Collaboration with Git
14:40 Sharing Repositories Online
15:20 Break
15:30 Defensive Programming
16:00 Debugging
16:30 Command-line Programming
17:00 Finish


  • Kristoffer Nielbo
  • Max Eckardt

Contact: kln@cas.au.dk


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