Training hubs

Institutions can become active partners (training hubs), so that they provide regular training for their areas. Hubs have at least one local instructor committed to organizing a workshop at least once a year.

From October 2016 to October 2021, CodeRefinery was a project funded by NeIC and the CodeRefinery community is amazing! We would like to continue providing similar services after the end of the project.

Our plan to make CodeRefinery sustainable:

  1. CodeRefinery governance;
  2. CodeRefinery Kickstarter campaign to be able to register CodeRefinery as an independent foundation;
  3. CodeRefinery membership

CodeRefinery governance

We are currently working at establishing the CodeRefinery governance.

CodeRefinery Kickstarter

We need your support to spin-off and register CodeRefinery as a foundation in one of the Nordic countries.

CodeRefinery is working on setting up a kickstart campaign to raise the necessary funds.

If you are interested, get in touch with us on in #coderefinery stream.

CodeRefinery membership

CodeRefinery is working on defining membership tiers with associated benefits to continue its activities.

We will offer different options such as:

We are working on defining the benefits for each option.

Hub cooperation

As part of the CodeRefinery sustainability plan, hubs will allow to share instructors in-kind: since a workshop needs at least two or three instructors, instructors can travel between hubs so that we maintain community, share knowledge, and continue workshops.

Current hubs

Become a hub

To become a hub, please sponsor a first workshop, then a second, and then eventually it becomes a regular thing. There should be at least one local instructor who can regularly take part in other CodeRefinery activities and several helpers.

To get started, consider attending another workshop as a helper (optional), then request a workshop, then join our chat and become an instructor. When you would like to be add to the list above, send a pull request.