How to move your repository from another service to this service


In this how-to we will move repositories from to to have an explicit example but the strategy is general and works with any host name.

Please also note that GitLab has good import functionality from all major platforms.

Check first whether you track any issues

Before you move your repositories check whether you track any issues in your current repository by visiting If you see issues listed there, stop here and contact to discuss how to move issues. If no, please continue below. The moving will be very easy.

How to move a Git repository with entire history, all branches and tags to a new place

Do you have a wiki in your project(s)?

You can verify this by visiting If yes, you need to move the wiki separately since it is not part of the code project.

Moving a wiki is very similar to moving the code repository:

Finally verify that it went well

At the end verify that all branches and tags are present on the new server by visiting and If you moved wikis, make sure they are present on the new server. If you are unsure whether the migration worked, please contact and we will try to help you double-checking the procedure.


If you have questions or need any assistance with moving repositories, please contact and we will try to help you out.