Workshop requirements

Lecture room

  • The room needs to be sufficiently large (a typical workshop is attended by around 20 learners and 4 instructors)
  • There needs to be enough space for instructors to walk around and interact with learners individually (a “flat” room is required)
  • Learners should face the same direction, and learners should be able to sit side-by-side for pairwise work
  • The room should preferably have windows, and be ventilated well enough so that 20-30 people (and same amount of laptops) will not make it too warm
  • A coffee room (or similar) should be located nearby for the coffee breaks
  • Two overhead projectors are desirable, but if only one is available that will work too
  • The projector screen needs to be large, and the resolution of the projector needs to be good
  • Stable wireless connectivity for 20-30 people
  • Sufficiently many electricity outlets so that all participants can charge their laptops
  • Standing board

Other requirements

When we organize a workshop or event at a new site, we may need help with some local arrangements, including:

  • Booking a lecture room
  • Ordering coffee and refreshments
  • Advertise the workshop through local dissemination channels


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