About our workshops

photo from a classroom

We organize a roadshow of hands-on interactive three-day workshops across the Nordics with type-along presentations and live coding where short tutorials alternate with practical exercises.

We are also actively engaged in The Carpentries and can help set up and/or teach Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry workshops.

Are you interested in becoming an instructor yourself? Join us for an instructor training workshop!

CodeRefinery workshops

CodeRefinery workshops aim grow researchers' software best practices skills and to consolidate knowledge learnt during Carpentries workshops or from prior experience. The focus is on professional tools for efficiently developing and maintaining research software.

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Software and Data Carpentry

Carpentry workshops teach foundational coding and data science skills and focus on raising awareness about tools that researchers can learn to speed up their research. As members of the Carpentries, we can give access to Carpentries instructor training workshops and help set up Carpentry workshops.

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Instructor training

Instructor training workshops focus on how to teach technical topics in general and CodeRefinery lessons in particular. Key pedagogical ideas and teaching methods are covered, as well as what learners need to know in order to teach CodeRefinery lessons.

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Other events

We occasionally teach, organize or participate in other types of events. This includes hackathons, get-together events with knowledge sharing and networking, or dedicated shorter workshops focusing on a particular topic. Get in touch if you want to co-organize an event with us!

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