Core CodeRefinery lessons

Also see all of our online lessons: Lesson index

These are the lessons which are included in the "standard" CodeRefinery workshop, and what we believe that every computational scientist (even those with very small amounts of computation) should know.

Also see all of our online lessons: Lesson index

Self-study workshop

Want to study this material yourself? No problem! The CodeRefinery teaching style tries to make this accessible to you. All the lessons above are designed to be self-sufficient for self-study. We also have video recordings and archived "parallel chat Q&A" (which can go into other both basic and advanced questions) which may optionally be useful for other teaching styles.

The following are the video recordings + parallel chat of the 2022 September workshop:

For self-study purposes, you may need the installation instructions. Note that you may want to see what is necessary for each lesson, before going and installing everything there.

Support in self-study is very important. There are several options:


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