Our lessons

This is not a strict division, but lessons can be classified as to what is initially useful to yourself, to your group, and to the whole community.

Video recordings

A number of video recordings of CodeRefinery lessons and workshops and Research Software Hour sessions can be found on our YouTube channel.

Other lessons by our partners and the CodeRefinery community

You can expect these to be open-source, reusable, in a git repository, and with a community you can join and give contributions to:

Teach our lessons

All of our material is open source and collaboratively developed: you are free to teach it yourself if you would like, just make sure the distinction between the funded "CodeRefinery" project and your workshop is clear. Our lessons are designed to be generic, so that anyone can use them. If that isn't the case, help us make them so (see below). Be aware that our lessons are developed in a very agile manner, so keep up to date with the latest changes.

See how to get involved for more information, and please let us know if the material is helpful - it is important for us to know whether this material has impact outside of our workshops.

Contribute to our lessons

We would love that! We are a normal open source project on Github, and you can contribute via issues, pull requests, or discussing via our chat. Our collaborative Git lesson and Github without the command line are very relevant.

If you are familiar with the Carpentries organization, we work basically the same. If you have more questions or are unsure how to contribute, please get in touch or see our our information on contributing.


Lesson material is licensed under CC BY 4.0 (however note, some old ones may be CC BY-SA). Code examples: OSI-approved MIT license.

Lessons we contributed to as instructors or helpers