How to help

We are always looking for both people and institutions that can promote the FAIRness of software management and development practice. There are many ways that you can join and get involved and help the project:

Help with the workshops

As helper or exercise lead

Have you already participated in a Carpentry or CodeRefinery workshop, but would like to attend another one to refresh your memory and share your own knowledge? Or do you already have a solid background in research software engineering and would like to meet like-minded people in a friendly environment? Join a Carpentry or CodeRefinery workshop as a helper! For more information about what a helper is supposed to do, please refer Helper’s guide. You don't have to know everything and be able to solve all exercises and problems. We will anyway prepare all exercise leads in an on-boarding session.

Bring your team

Bringing a team of your colleagues or friends is a great way to participate in a workshop: you probably "speak" the same programming language and academic domain language, can use relatable examples, and already know each other. After the workshops, exercise teams can form supporting groups for the weeks and months after. And maybe one or two people from your team are a little bit more familiar with the tools than others and then they can join as exercise leads?

Co-teach with others

Join a workshop organized by others as a co-instructor. Co-teaching is a fun and low-preparation way to get involved in teaching. Co-teaching is also a nice way for learners to follow a dialogue instead of a monologue and to learn different views about technologies and tools and techniques.

Become an instructor

There is no requirement for using our training material. However, we suggest that most instructors start with Carpentries instructor training. We have instructor training, but this mostly serves as a complement focused on our lessons and more intermediate users.

After taking either instructor training, you are welcome to self-organize a CodeRefinery workshop or join a workshop as an instructor when instructors are recruited via #workshop stream of CodeRefinery Zulip chat.

With that being said, there are no strict requirements to working with us and learning "on the job": we help people organically grow from learner → helper → instructor. So far, the best way to get involved is to join our chat and let us know when you see something you are interested in.

As research group

A great way to both benefit and contribute is to send the group as team: contributing not only learners but also one or two exercise leads. This allows us to scale and will be a great learning experience also for the exercise leads.

As group leader

As organization

You can support us by:

As sponsor

CodeRefinery is working on defining membership tiers with associated benefits to continue its activities. We will offer different options such as:

We are working on defining the benefits for each option.

Host a self-organized CodeRefinery workshop

The requirements for a self-organized CodeRefinery workshop are:

There is no administrative fee to run a self-organized CodeRefinery workshop.

If your workshop fulfill the requirements detailed above, it can be listed as a "self-organized CodeRefinery workshop" on our website. Please get in touch with us since it is good for us to list workshops using our material.

Improving the course material

All our material is open. It is steadily evolving and you can help us making it better:

Help the CodeRefinery project

CodeRefinery is more than bi-yearly workshops. There is many ways that you can become involved and help the project to continue.

We are collecting current to-do's all around the project (including the workshops) in our collaborative document. The best way to get started with those, is to join our Zulip chat and ask for more information.

Shaping the governance structure

We are a community project and as such we are currently working at establishing the CodeRefinery governance and you can help us shaping the governance structure! The more diverse input we receive, the better the project will be. We also seek help in establishing the project as a non-profit organization.


CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


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