For individuals

As individuals, there are plenty of ways to join CodeRefinery, regardless of what you do now. Also see what professional staff supporting a local community and organizations can do.

For any of these, you can get started by joining a meeting and say hi, or join our chat and introduce yourself in the "#new members" stream. We also have collected all important links and info on our onboarding page. If things are not clear, please let us know in the Zulip chat so that we can improve.

As a learner

Anyone may attend our workshops, and this is a great way to get started. Our courses are free to the whole world and designed for individual learners, too.

As a team leader

Even during your first workshop, you could help others attend. Get your friends together and watch the course. We have "exercise breaks" where you can work together, locally. You don't need to know everything, only be able to keep the flow and read error messages a bit better than others. We have some basic on-boarding training for you!

Maybe you want to bring all the rest of your research group as your team?

As a co-instructor or expert helper

We don't teach alone, and thus it's remarkably easy to get started as an instructor! In fact, we almost recommend it as a starting point, since it's good to have a co-instructor who understands the difficulty of doing and learning the topics. Joining as co-instructor means that you will be in touch with other instructors. It is great learning and a necessary step to call yourself "CodeRefinery instructor".

If teaching isn't for you, you can help by supporting learners and team leaders during a workshop. If you like reading about how we work, see the roles overview for all the varying responsibilities in a workshop (surely there is something for you there).

CodeRefinery ambassador

Do you like what we do and would like to help spread the word to your community?

  • Become an ambassador!

We will provide materials for you to include in your talks, posters and trainings at events (you may anyway be attending). You can also get CodeRefinery goodies to distribute at events.

We can also support you to start your own local community of CodeRefinery enthusiasts or other activities.

What we can offer:

  • A chance to influence the future of the project
  • Visibility in social media and on our webpage
  • Weekly community news
  • Support for organizing local events or other activities

Let us know if you want to be an ambassador by signing up for our ambassador e-mail list and/or if you have any questions you can contact us in our chat (#coderefinery > CodeRefinery ambassador program).

Lesson contributions

We would love to see more contributions to our lessons. We are a normal open source project on GitHub, and you can contribute via issues, pull requests, or by discussing in our chat. You are welcome to reuse our lessons as well.

A good starting point is to either open a topic on our chat or to open an issue on one of the lesson repositories in our GitHub organization where you can describe what you would like to change to collect feedback and possibly also contributors.

No contribution is too small and ideas for changes are very often very good ideas and we would love to work with you on making our lessons better and more modular and even more relevant.

Help out the CodeRefinery project itself

As an open project, there are always things to do to keep us running! We're especially interested in people who know how to grow a community, do better communications, or manage many events better than we do now. On this page we list the many tasks where you can join and contribute.


CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


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