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Update, 13th March 2023

We may use anonymous web analytics on our webpages and lessons. This is not identifiable, does not have client-side identifiers, and can't re-identify people between visits (or even for single visits) any more than normal web browsing can. Because this is (by design) not identifiable, this should not need to be mentioned here, but we are for completeness. (The technical implementation is, self-hosted by a CodeRefinery partner).

Update, 12th October 2021

In short:

On the 1st October 2021, it was announced that CodeRefinery will receive partial financial support by NeIC for the next 3 years (CodeRefinery Sustainability Phase, CodeRefinery SP, see The next phase of the CodeRefinery project is mainly consisting of in-kind contributions by diverse partner organizations. In this new phase, we need to renew our privacy policy, but we need some time before the new privacy policy is set.

We will continue using our online community spaces and the current owners/administrators will remain until new roles are set in the CodeRefinery SP.

Previously we have written that "Stored names and email addresses of users will be removed with the end of this project (2021-10-31)". However, we need to keep participation data from 2020 and 2021 workshops at least until the end of 2022 since we often get asked for participation certificates long after the workshop is concluded. Therefore, we will keep information of the participants who are qualified to certificates (either as learner, helper, expert helper, or team lead) in the currently used platform, Indico, managed by NeIC. The currently participating staff who is also committed to be a part of the CodeRefinery SP have access to the information.

We continue using the newsletter in the new phase but we may switch to other services but in this case we would notify all subscribers about deletion of their contact information and invite them to re-register to the new services that we may migrate to. If a user wants to unsubscribe before that, they are welcome to do so anytime.

This Privacy Policy covers person identifiable information that may be provided to CodeRefinery. Your data only comes from what you decide to provide to us by understanding privacy policy of the platforms we are using for different purposes as shown below. Changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this page. Any changes will only apply to information collected after the posted date of any such change. Additionally, information may be provided to governmental bodies and other entities as required by law.


What information do we obtain and why?

We obtain user data including person identifiable information in the following manner for each purpose:

Information you provide in our Online community spaces are visible and accessible according to each service's privacy policy. Please note that your information may be visible to other users in the Online community spaces than CodeRefinery team members. We use your information within each Online community space for communication purpose in a reasonable and respectful manner. We will not use your person identifiable information provided in our Online community spaces for other purposes than communication with you and within the community. When we archive a note taken in HackMD during a workshop, we will delete all the person identifiable information of users.

We obtain the following data anonymously and voluntarily from users.

We use anonymous web analytics on some of our websites and lesson pages. These are done without client-side IDs or storing identifiable information on either the client or server side.

Who has access to the personally identifiable information?

Where we store the data

How long we store the data

Anonymity and right to be forgotten



CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


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