Anyone want a streaming training workshop?

CodeRefinery's streaming setup is getting fairly professional. Anyone want to learn how to reproduce it?

March 17, 2024 - Richard Darst

If you haven't noticed, CodeRefinery livestreams it's workshops (see refs below). We can reach a virtually unlimited number of people and easily make recordings for later, yet our co-teaching and Collab notes system still makes a workshop that feels interactive and fun to attend. Does anyone want to learn how to do this yourselves?

A workshop idea

Richard Darst has been doing most of the streaming and would like to teach others. Richard can host people in Helsinki, Finland for some workshop, or if people fund travel somewhere else we can host it there. A workshop would include:

  • Basic streaming theory
  • Setting up OBS-Studio for streaming
  • Recording and publishing videos rapidly (by the same night, every time).
  • How to make a livestream course lively (co-teaching, Collab Notes, lesson design, screenshare style)
  • Time to test and practice all of the above.
  • Improving our documentation

Most of the above is in theory documented in the CodeRefinery manuals, but reading is hard and seeing by example with mentoring is easy.

An ideal host would be an EU or regional computing competence center, open science organization, or someone interested in teaching innovation, who can host a public workshop, and be able to help in advertising the workshop to other interested parties. (This could be tried online, but when we are setting up computers to do the screencapture of a meeting, while also doing another meeting to share that screen capture... it might get a bit complex.)

Contact us at or, or via the CodeRefinery chat.

How the MOOC stragegy works:
Schematic diagram of the MOOC strategy.  Streaming to Twitch, and watching, feedback by collaborative notes.

A usable view from the learner side:
Screenshot of a desktop with half the screen for instructor screenshare and the other half for the learns to work.

An extremely high-quality screen sharing setup:
A 840 wide x 1080 tall screenshot or instructors, web browser, and terminal

OBS isn't that hard:
OBS screenshot with labels of some key points

Our recently-created streaming control panel:
Screenshot of a small control-panel looking window

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