The Modular Code Developement Lesson


Currently we do a lesson on Modular Code Development. We start out with a simple plotting script and end up with a script which is more general and have a wider use. The script move from a Jupyter Notebook to the command line. In parallel there is ongoing discussion on what to do next with the script in the shared HackMD document.

The challenge with the current lesson is that it is python based. Mostly python users are engaged in the discussion. How can we engaged a larger part of the audience, and how can we cater for the non-python users?

To cater for the non-python user we can have several streams where one stream is dedicated to a programming language.

There were people who like the lesson as it is. The question about AI was raised. Shold we mention GitHub Copilot or ChatGPT? This feels natural as tools are used more and more for support in the code development process. We did not conclude.


We had a hard time of finding a way to make it more engaging, in a way that everyone could follow along. The conclusion was to add tabs for R, Matlab, Julias in the "instructor guide".


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