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Requesting a workshop is so 2019, isn't it? At least for us it is, since anyone can attend any workshop. As of 2022, most of our workshops are online and anyone may join, no matter where you are. This isn't just because of Covid-19, but we have found that our teaching style provides such a high-quality program that few people show up in-person when there is that opportunity. Join as a partner and you can provide in-person exercise sessions and support to your local audience.

Run your own workshop

You are welcome to re-use our materials for your own workshops. Please don't call it a "CodeRefinery" workshop, but you can say it uses CodeRefinery materials. (e.g. call it "Software development for researchers (CodeRefinery)"). The policy of our name usage may change later. You can read more about reusing our lessons - in short, please do so (you can reuse them right where they are), and send us improvements to support reuse.

Local / custom workshops requests

If you would like to request a private workshop, please get in touch. As of 2022, with our updated funding situation, CodeRefinery is more of a decentralized organization and we may not have dedicated staff to offer workshops, but we still like to make that possible wherever we can. Thus, you would be expected to help with the teaching and organization some.

During this transition period, it's best to join the CodeRefniery chat and discuss there - things may change fast. It's good to ask if you are interested, even if we can't do it yet - this shows demand and helps with future funding!

Since CodeRefinery still has Nordic roots, that is our main audience. Workshops have been requested by both organizations and individual research groups. Price might be free (e.g. a staff member at a national computing center can provide the workshop) or some other CodeRefinery partner might be able to name a price. We have supported workshops even outside of the Nordics.


CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


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