Community discussion in Nordic and Baltic countries

November 13, 2020

Naoe Tatara

This blogpost is based on the notes made on Carpentries Community Discussion Etherpad on the 30th Oct. 2020.


The Carpentries say "never touch learners keyboard". Should instructors rigidly follow this advice in online workshops or should we be more flexible in order to overcome the challenges of teaching online?

On October 30th 2020, a Carpentries community discussion was held with discussion focused on Nordic and Baltic countries. The host was Annika Rockenberger (Carpentries instructor trainer). Including the host and the co-host, totally 15 participants joined: 6 from Norway, 3 from Sweden, 3 from Finland, 2 from Denmark, and 1 from Bangladesh (Thanks for joining, all!). A complete list of the participants can be found below.

First, experiences from 2 online workshops were shared. The theme above was raised as a part of the discussion. The active discussion left little time for other topics, but we had a positive and creative suggestion for further collaboration and community building for Nordic and Baltic region: There was a suggestion for running a joint workshop on AR technology and the idea to create a mapping of expertise in the region to facilitate cross-border collaboration.

There are ongoing initiatives to develop Nordic community further. Among other things, information about the Nordic Research Software Engineer initiative and its first online get-together event on 30th Nov. - 2nd Dec. was announced.

Workshop debriefing

Experiences from two recently held online Carpentries workshops were shared and discussed:

Sweden, Stockholm -- Mix and Match (SQL, OpenRefine, Python programming and plotting)

A self-organized workshop by KTH, Stockholm University, and Karolinska Institute

Norway, Bodø -- DC social science

A centrally-organized workshop at Bodø University

Community building, collaboration, and ongoing initiatives in the Nordic and Baltic region


Participant list

  1. Annika Rockenberger (host, Norway, Oslo)
  2. Naoe Tatara (co-host, Norway, Oslo)
  3. Kerstin Lenk (Finland, Tampere)
  4. Lars Kjær (Denmark, Copenhagen)
  5. Tobias Busch (Norway, Oslo)
  6. Lina Andrén (Sweden, Stockholm)
  7. Mohamed Abdelhalim (Norway, Oslo)
  8. Annajiat Alim Rasel (Bangladesh, Dhaka)
  9. Joakim Philipson (Sweden, Stockholm)
  10. Thomas Arildsen (Denmark, Aarborg)
  11. Radovan Bast(Norway, Tromsø)
  12. Samantha Wittke (Finland, Helsinki)
  13. Olav Vahtras (Sweden, Stockholm)
  14. Anne Fouilloux(Norway, Oslo)
  15. Richard Darst (Finland, Helsinki)

Thank you for all the contributions!


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