Help us do the next CodeRefinery workshop (2024 H2)

Our workshop in 2024 March went well. But we need help if we want to do this again.

March 25, 2024 - Richard Darst

As usual, our workshop in 2024 March has worked very well, and our feedback is as positive as ever. The technical setup worked smoothly, and we are working to share our livestreaming technique with others. But there's another thing we need: the mere fact we have hundreds of registrations, multiple partners, and more than 10 instructors means we need more help to keep these going.

We won't schedule another very large CodeRefinery workshop until we can be sure we have enough people to distribute the load widely enough to make it worth it. If we don't get that, we'll scale down to what is manageable. Your help is essential. We give an initial deadline of the end of April to figure out our status and do rough timetabling.

The good thing is that instructors and helpers are not what is in short supply, but something more about bigger picture stuff. We've developed good processes and pretty well know what works, but as we move to the sustainability phase, we can't do everything ourselves. For example, we would be happy to have:

  • Instructor coordinator, who can keep track of all of our instructors and make sure the necessary onboarding and all is done.

  • Registration coordinator, who can help manage all of the registrations and communication.

  • Partner coordinator who can help with outreach to partners (other universities for example) who advertise our workshop and organize local sessions.

None of these are exactly hard, and we can help you learn what is needed (but also there is a lot that can be improved for the future - new visions are welcome).

Our vision is that our commonly shareable online, live-streamed course can be used by as many organizations and learners as possible. We have the base and now we need the communication and outreach to make that possible. (If you can't help directly, but want to be part of this vision, also let us know) Whoever joins would basically become part of CodeRefinery for the purposes of organization - your voice would matter as much as anyone else.

TODO who to contact.

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CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


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