Tasks and roadmap

This page exists to make it easier to help and easier to see what project members are working on and what tasks they prioritize.

We wanted to move this from our heads and from our notebooks and make this visible and accessible for everybody who wants to help and be involved.

If somebody has 1 hour time per week or month and would like to help out, it should be easy to find a meaningful task and to get the necessary context and contact. Bigger tasks are too big for volunteers but we still find it useful to communicate what we work on or would like to work on if we had more time, so that volunteer individuals and organizations can stay informed.

In each category we try to sort tasks by priority from most urgent to least urgent.

Good first issues if you have 1 hour

Issues which are easy for somebody with a bit of overview

Tasks where we struggle and can use help

  • Create a governance charter for a non-profit organization which could be the follow-up organization for CodeRefinery.

  • Outreach, newsletter, social media. You can help us with blogs, drafting newsletter, engaging in relevant social media posts.

  • Event management. We have many folks who like to develop lessons or teach or help but who do not enjoy the event management part of it. But perhaps you do? You could help us reaching many more people.

If you have 1 day

  • Short video which explains how to join a workshop.

  • Teaser video which in 3 minutes explains what the project is about.

  • Teaser slide deck (5 slides?) which explains what the project is about and how organizations can get on board.

  • Make one of our lessons citable starting from https://coderefinery.org/blog/2021/11/21/towards-citable-lessons/. Use a CITATION.cff file and from that one generate the .zenodo.json file and deploy to Zenodo. Document how to do this for all other lessons. Contact JH or RB if you want to join this task.

  • Take an issue from our install instructions.

  • Take a lesson issue which looks interesting and easy to you from one of our lessons. Ask on chat or mention @bast if you want more context about any of these.

  • Draft and execute a post-workshop survey for 2021-2023 workshops starting from https://github.com/coderefinery/post-workshop-survey.

  • Draft a blog post about the tools we use based on a nice chat thread (GitHub issue).

Tasks for multiple days

  • Create a survey and collect testimonials from GitLab users. Contact RB.

  • Prepare a financing plan from the GitLab service. Contact RB.

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CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


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